#tastingtuesday @ Capaia Wines

I love stumbling across hidden treasures, and this was exactly what I found at Capaia Wines – a hidden treasure.

Situated in the winegrowing region of Philadelphia, a mere 30kms North of Cape Town and 10km from the Atlantic Ocean, lies Capaia Wines.

As you make your way up and around to the cellar you will be left without words as there truly aren’t many words that could describe the views. I call it “A Never Ending Story“.  The beautiful vineyards which has perfectly been laid out for the production of the highest quality grapes, and the surrounding valley and hills seems to never end.

Capaia’s Portfolio of Wines:

🍷 Capaia Sauvignon Blanc 2016/2017

🍷 Rosé 2017

🍷 Capaia Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot 2015

🍷 Capaia ONE 2010

🍷 Capaia Shiraz 2015 (an absolute spoil for me as this wine is not for tasting)

All red wines are fermented in French-oak fermentation tanks – a whopping 56 of them! It’s quite a site to see.

First up on my tasting menu was the comparison between the 2016 and 2017 Capaia Sauvignon Blanc. Both proved to be packed with passion fruit flavors, light and perfectly balanced.

In 2016 Capaia released a Rosé for the first time. The “Amiel” style was used to get this Rosé beautiful salmon-pink / almost pale rose gold color.

It’s a lovely crisp, dry with a subtle sweetness to it wine. Very popular so make sure to stock up, especially for those hot sunny days next to the poolside.

Moving on to the Capaia Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot 2014. The 2014 harvest was blessed with moderate conditions with only a few days of extreme heat. This wine was carefully blended. Fresh aromas with a beautiful full pallet. Will age well for the next couple of years.

Capaia ONE is their flagship and trademark. A blend from the five red varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Shiraz. 

“Age is just a number. It’s totally irrelevant unless, of course, you happen to be a bottle of wine” – Joan Collins

A true gentleman

Although most enjoyable now, this wine promises not to disappoint within the next 10 years! 
Just as I thought we are done with the tasting out comes a very special bottle, Capaia Shiraz 2015. I loved the fynbos aromas and the spicy, peppery, even minty lingering after taste. 

Visit Capaia Wines at Botterberg Road, Philadelphia.

Phone: +27 (0)21 9721081




Cape Town Uncorked visits Hoogeberg Brewing Co.

This visit got me so excited that I can hardly contain myself, I want to spill all the hobs! 

The Hoogeberg Brewing Co. is situated on the beautiful Signal Gun Wines farm in Durbanville. Here you get the best of both worlds, a brewery amongst the vineyards – I christened it my little piece of heaven.

Beauty is in the eye of the Beer holder

Brett Mannix, General Manager for both Hoogeberg Brewing Co. and Signal Gun Wines shared the story and his passion that is Craft Beer. Thank you for awakening a new sense of appreciation within me, and enriching me with your knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour, seeing the entire process of craft beer making.

Where the magic happens

Visit their tasting venue, called Die Stal. Here you can enjoy both wine and Beer tastings. Delicious platters can be ordered. The Signal Gun Platter has all the trimmings and will leave you happily satisfied. 

Their range of Beers available for tasting include:

  1. Bontebok Lagered Five Crops – This light, crisp fruity beer has a hint of sweetness. It’s brewed in their 5 Crops Lagered style for 21 days. Keep it cold and enjoy it every day! 
  2. Ystervark Hybrid Lager – This is a full bodied beer with a stunning Golden color. Slightly malty aroma with a light hop flavor. Lovely smooth finish.
  3. Hefe Weiss – Traditionally German brewed style Hefe Weiss. This unfiltered Weiss is cloudy and oh so sexy – quite mysterious! 
  4. Berry & Lime Climax – Ladies you will absolutely love this one! It ticks all the boxes. Best news is that it will soon be bottled – currently only available on tap. This beauty is bubbly, she’s intense, she’s refreshing! Delicate strawberry flavor on both nose and palate. Absolutely delish!

Come and do the Biltong & Beer Tasting for just R80.00. It’s fun and tasty! 

The Bontebok was perfectly paired with a spicy chutney biltong which created the perfect balance between the sweetness from the beer and spicy-ness of the biltong.

Ystervark was accompanied by slices of Beef biltong and the Hefe Weiss, served with chilli bites. Cabanossi also works wonderfully.

My favorite, the lady in pink of course… Berry & Lime Climax! Her pairing partner obviously the delicious Turkish Delight. What a delightful partnership! 

The Hoogeberg Brewing Co. craft beers

Brett and his team have huge exciting plans for this small Brewery and I can not wait to share it all with you. From a private tasting on a game drive to brewing your very own personal beer. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to make sure you don’t miss out on what’s hot and happening at Hoogeberg.

Tel: 021-976-1957 * Email: wine@signalgun.com

Cape Town Uncorked drinks Hoogeberg 🍻

Cape Town Uncorked tastes Joostenberg 

The Manor House – National Monument

Joostenberg has a beautiful long history. Originally mixed agriculture was practiced, from early 1800’s till 1947 both wine and brandy were made. Today Joostenberg is a small family owned and managed wine farm and they have expanded rapidly over the years.

Original Brandy distiller dating back to 1800’s
Their very first wine press

The Myburgh brothers places special emphasis on natural winemaking, achieving their full organic status in 2012.

At Joostenberg the aim is to ensure their wines are absolutely delicious and true to its origin. 

Organic Vineyards – All their vineyards are farmed organically, minimizing “unwanted” influences and explains the taste of the grapes. Furthermore many of their vineyards are farmed with no irrigation. 

Varietals include:

  • Chenin Blanc 
  • Viognier (wait till you read my experience with this one…)
  • Roussanne
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 
  • Merlot
  • Syrah
  • Touriga Nacional
  • Mourvèdre 

I was treated to a special tasting by winemaker Micu Narunsky, aka The Piano Man – Israeli born jazz pianist turned winemaker. Well all I can say, absolutely a huge massive gain to us wine consumers!

Micu introduced the following wines:

  • Joostenberg “Die Agteros” Chenin Blanc 2016 – I’ll explain the name… this wine is made from the oldest vineyard on the farm and is a very ugly looking vineyard. Some time back they were contemplating whether to remove it but then recognized its quality. Now this vineyard is loving cared for year after year. It might have taken a long time to prove itself but today it’s the favorite vineyard. This Chenin is fairly complex and a very sophisticated wine. 

  • Joostenberg “The Piano Man” Viognier 2015 – MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! Named after winemaker Micu who fell in love with wine whilst working as a jazz pianist in Bordeaux. Thank you for following your dream to take up the craft of winemaking. I absolutely love the richness and distinct apricot aromas. I want I want I want 😃

  • Joostenberg “Philip Albert” Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 – Comprising of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes from un-irrigated vineyards. A classy and elegant Cabernet 

  • Joostenberg “Klippe Kou” Syrah 2015 – Strong aromatic wine, spice and pepper with a slight smoky nose

  • Joostenberg Bakermat 2014 – Bakermat meaning “birth-place” pays homage to Joostenberg for 6 generations. Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot and Touriga Nacional. Their flagship red wine

The intimate tasting room also plays venue to private functions and special events. Here’s a list of upcoming events not to be missed:

  1. Saturday 14 October Arno Carsten Duo – SOLD OUT
  2. Sunday 12 November Stone Jets will be performing at the annual open day luncheon event 
  3. Sunday 3 December Doc Maclean
  4. Saturday 20 January 2018 Blues Broers
  5. Saturday 10 February 2018 Gerald Clark

For more information or bookings contact Sonel Zeeman during office hours on 021 200 9903 / winery@joostenberg.co.za

Joostenberg Farm & Winery, Joostenberg Farm, Muldersvlei, 7606

GPS: S33.82 662 / E179.9998

T: 021 200 9903

E: winery@joostenberg.co.za

#tastingtuesday @ Warwick Estate 

This #tastingtuesday took me to the beautiful family-owned and run winery, Warwick Estate. From the moment you drive through the entrance towards the tasting room you are overwhelmed by the peace and serenity that engulfs the Estate.

I was welcomed and hosted by Front of House Manager, Marco Bleeker. To Marco and the lovely Crystal who conducted one of the most informative wine tastings, a huge big thank for your warm hospitality and making me feel so welcome. Marco the time you took to do the impromptu Big 5 Wine Safari, a very special experience! – more about the safari shortly.

Spoiled with this beautiful range of wines

I happily share my tasting adventure with you:

  1. The First Lady Sauvignon Blanc 2017 – Palate pleaser of note! It’s packed with tropical flavours. I can see myself sipping away on a hot summers day with family and friends 
  2. The First Lady Unoaked Chardonnay 2016 – What a friendly wine! This Lady can be enjoyed with just about every occasion and every food. I loved the lightness, crispness and freshness. Warwick suggests pairing it with chicken kebabs on the braai with an apricot chutney – guess what’s on the menu this weekend husband dearest…
  3. The First Lady A Dry Rosé – Ladies I know you love the colour Rose Gold, well look at this beautiful Lady! Not only is she beautiful, but she pulls off classy and sassy like that! More good news, she’s lighter in alcohol so you can drink more of it. Cheers to Warwick’s Dry Rosé.

My tasting report continues:

  1. The First Lady Cabernet Sauvignon – This beautiful Cabernet is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, matured for 14 months in French oak. It can be aged for 3-5 years. I loved the life that comes through the smokyness and berry flavours with each sip.lack Lady
  2. Black Lady – This dark and mysterious number has pepper and floral aromas on the nose which is followed through into the palate. Quite the in-your-face wine but very enjoyable.
  3. The White Lady – One of my favorite! The aroma of pear and vanilla adds to the deliciousness of this very smooth Lady. It’s delicate and beautifully balanced. Definitely serving her alongside my next homemade cheese platter.

The final three…

  1. Cabernet Franc – Deep dark ruby and purple colour makes for the full body of this wine. I picked up wet soil which is because this wine is packed with earthy aromas. Another great cheese match wine.
  2. The Blue Lady – Quite the powerful wine. Full body with a variety of fruit flavors on the palate. I couldn’t decide which fruit it was that stood out, very interesting. 
  3. Trilogy – Traditionally a blend of 3 Bordeaux varieties, hence its name. A typical pour-some-more wine. This lady is friendly with tannins that are silky smooth. Treat her as the grand lady she is and be delighted.
The Wedding Cup – Happiness and good fortune await the couple who drink from this cup

Let me tell you the beautiful story about the Warwick Wedding Cup – in short. 

The legend of this cup revolves around a princess called Kunigunde. Her hand had been promised in marriage to a Prince from a faraway kingdom.

Princess Kunigunde fell in love with a handsome Silversmith. The Princess’s father did not approve of their love. The King became so enraged and threw young Silversmith in a dungeon.

This did not end the Princess’s love for her Silversmith, instead she grew weak and pale as a result of their separation. The King and Queen made the following proposal: He told his daughter “If your Silversmith can make a chalice from which two people can drink at the same time without spilling one single drop, I will free him and you shall become his bride.”

Inspired by love the young Silversmith created a masterpiece. He sculpted a girl with a hollowed skirt which serve as a cup. Her raised arms held a chalice that swivels so that it could be filled and swung towards another.

The challenge was met. The Silversmith and his Princess joined hands in marriage. To this day and to many couples the chalice remains a symbol of their love.

The deck area overlooking the lush lawn and dam under the shade of oak trees, can be used for formal or informal functions. 

Picnic @ Warwick – Relive your childhood by relaxing under umbrellas and oversized cushions whilst the kiddies play on the jungle gym. 

Hop on and join the Big 5 Wine Safari. Be taken on a ride through the mountain vineyards and enjoy a wine tasting at The Penthouse with a breathtaking view of the Cape Winelands. This venue can also be used for private group picnics and corporate functions.

Here are a few more pics taken during my visit…

Find Warwick Estate on the R44 between Stellenbosch and Klapmuts.

For Reception: 021 884 4410 / info@warwickwine.com

For Bookings: 021 884 4410 / visit@warwickwine.com

Get Social with Warwick…

Belinda @ Cape Town Uncorked

#Wine Down Wednesday @ Trattoria Maranello

Home of good food, nice people and … FERRARI 

If it’s traditional trattoria that you’re after then Maranello is just the place to be, for here it is where you will receive the warmth and personal touch of a casual family-run Italian eatery. Owner and chef ULI STAMM and his team shares their passion and surprises their customers with authentic Italian and Mediterranean cooking.

Situated right on the beach in beautiful Melkbosstrand, don’t be surprised if you can see dolphins, seals and whales in season from their lovely Deck – not to mention the unbelievable dramatic sunsets!

The open Deck
Owner and chef Uli Stamm

Chef Uli left Germany after a three year apprenticeship to travel the world – and travel he did! Destinations such as France and Italy and working with Bocuse, Troisgros and Marchesi was as interesting as cooking up country in small trattorias or with the “mamas” at home. 
Around the Mediterranean sea, Middle East, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand… His journey continued.

In the 80’s alongside his brother they took over one of the 8 restaurants in the hotel Treasure Island, Las Vegas.

Back in Germany chef Uli opened “The Bundschuh”, a wine restaurant in the oldest house of Karlsruhe built in 1463. His perseverance was rewarded with one star and 13 points by the restaurant guide Gault et Millau for five consecutive years!

In 2000 chef Uli returned with his wife Maggie to South Africa, now in Melkbos – again in the oldest restaurant in town.

Few of the passionate staff members making up Team Maranello


Maranello prides itself in using only the freshest ingredients. The food is simple, honest and authentic. Chef Uli only uses locally grown organic products and high quality imports. I was completely delighted in the aromas and flavors, reminding me of home-cooked meals. 

Menu on the board changes daily, keeping it exciting

Chef Uli went all out, treating us to a delicious 3-course meal. It was beautifully prepared as it was presented, AND served by the man himself… Respect. 

For starters we had a tasting of two dishes. Served in one plate for us to share made it so much more enjoyable and it looked as delicious as it tasted! 

Prosciutto e frutta stagionale & Calamaretti alla griglia

Thinly sliced Prosciutto di Parma, served with fresh seasonal fruit or avocado & Tender Baby-Squid, sprinkled with a secret seasoning and served with grilled lemon wedges, chilli & garlic and a lemon-aioli for dipping

Main courses… the moment I took my first bite of the Beef Short-rib one feeling overwhelmed me. Comfort. This is my comfort food! Warm, soft, creamy, full of flavor, well balanced with the course vegetables. 

The Pesce del Giovuo, fresh Hake in creamy lemon & caper sauce was exactly that, a deliciously fresh taste sensation complimented with the crunchyness of the vegetables… deliciousness in every single bite!

Costoletta di Manzo
Pesce del Giovuo

Dessert…. mmmm. Have you ever heard of Wasabi Sambuca? I haven’t but got to taste it! Not a very friendly number on its own, but when presented in a Wasa-Dom Pedro… well you’ve got a winner! Dessert number two was a Tiramisu Liqueur with a scoop of  Vanilla Ice Cream. I can highly recommend both to end your amazing dining experience at Maranello.

If you can’t choose… have them both!

One piece of advice, come hungry! Generous size portions, you won’t be disappointed. At Maranello kids can order anything off the menu as everything on the menu can be served in kiddies size portions at half price.

The bar is cozy and makes for a great pit stop for any sports events. With an extensive wine list offering both local and imported Italian wines, wine lovers are sure to be pleased. They also have a huge Grappa selection. 

I mentioned the stunning open Deck. The perfect spot to come and unwind with a seriously cold beer or glamorous cocktail or two whilst watching the sunset.

In doubt about which cocktail it’s going to be? I’ll make it easy for you, take the Yougo! Refreshing, fresh, minty and full of tiny bubbles, it’s a must have!

Planning a party soon? Come have a look at The Cattedrale. Nothing is impossible for Chef Uli, he will turn this into a party of note! Can be booked for functions and be used as a dance floor. “Metti le tue scarpe da ballo” – put on your dancing shoes 💃🏼

The Cattedrale

Last but definitely not the least…


“It’s all about the models” – Owner and chef Uli Stamm

As you make your way around the trattoria you’ll see the remarkable collection of more than 60 years of memorabilia through the ages. It truly is something to see.

Ferrari is celebrating its 70th birthday this year. Come choose one of the great new craft beers on tap and let’s cheers to Ferrari 🍻

A huge shout out to my beautiful friend Yolandi for joining me on this lovely dining experience and playing assistant and model, job well done girlfriend 😉

Where to find: 44 Beach Road, Melkbosstrand – just look out for the red Ferrari surfboards and flag 

Contact Maranello on 021 553 5701 for reservations to be sure you have the best seat in the house!


#Wine Down Wednesday @ The H❤️rt 


This vibey seaside eatery welcomes guests with warm and loving hospitality in their relaxed and cosy atmosphere. The Hart’s food will take you on a taste-adventure whilst you sit back and drink in the picturesque seaside views. 

Lovely sandwiches served on Ciabatta or Rye
Get creative and build your own freshly baked Croissant

The menu has been specially well designed, catering for all. Even the children’s menu will leave the little fussiest eaters happy. For your furry four-legged family members water bowls are provided so bring them along.

Breakfast is served between 8AM and 12PM. Try the new Smoked Mackarel, it’s believed to be something really special.

From 12:30 onwards there’s plenty of variety, ranging from delicious Sandwiches to warm Wraps and lovely Platters to share.  If it’s something light you are after then you’ll be bowled over by the fresh and vibrant Salad options. Burgers are a MUST HAVE at least once a week! With so many different options and varieties you’ll never get bored! 

“You can do it” – Coffee

Life is too short for bad coffee! The Hart prides themselves in making some of the best coffees. I believe good ideas start with great coffee. Plan your next business meeting over breakfast and let The Hart’s coffee work for you.

“You are the Gin to my Tonic”

Apart from the VERY good coffee, The Hart also has an extensive wine list and a list of signature cocktails on offer. When asked to point a special one out for me, I was told without a moments hesitation that it has to be the Swartland Gronie. With Summer starting to softly knock on our door make your way to The Hart’s deck to enjoy their tasty and exotic cocktails whilst watching the beautiful sunset only Melkbosstrand has to offer.

Devils Peak Lager – Lager as it should be
Woodstock Brewery presents…

The moment had arrived for me to introduce Chef Simone. There is no sincerer love than the love of food that she shares. It is without a doubt that her secret ingredient is always love.

From a young age she used to watch all the TV talk shows about cooking and knew then she wanted to become a chef. Today still she focuses to stay up to date on all new cooking trends and finds her inspiration in everything that’s fresh and vibrant.

The kitchen is her playground and it is here where she finds her freedom and peace. 

We were spoiled by the two beautiful dishes prepared for us. The meal was paired with wines from JH Meyer Signature Wines. The Force Celeste Cinsault was the perfect marriage for the Lamb Shoulder, absolutely delicious! The Force Majeure Chenin Blanc with its fresh and vibey tones enhanced all the flavors of the Paella Squid, again a match made in heaven.

Slow Roast Lamb Shoulder

With Tahini yoghurt, fresh salsa, hand-made yoghurt flatbread and grilled aubergines. This meal explodes with flavor! 

Paella Stuffed Squid

With chorizo, tomatoes and lemon aioli. Served with a side of hand-cut chips. There’s so much happening and each bite has you in awe and wonder. Loved the freshness combined with the spicyness of the chorizo. 

JH Meyer Signature Wines
Of course size matters, no one wants a small glass of wine

Our amazing lunch were rounded off with Chef Simone’s personal favorite dessert, the Baked Vanilla Pod Cheesecake. I truly am speechless, words escape me when I try to explain this gem of a dessert. Wow, true happiness in each bite!

Baked Vanilla Pod Cheesecake with ice cream and caramel popcorn
You can now download their App from Google Play & App Store and use the loyalty cards for Burgers and Coffees! Search on the App Store: HART MELKIES

Opening hours: 

  • Tuesday – Friday 08:00AM – 9:00PM
  • Saturday 08:00AM – 9:00PM
  • Sunday – Monday 08:00 – 15:00


Shop 1 Mira Mar Centre, Beach Road

Telephone: 021 553 1073


#Wine Down Wednesday @ Die Damhuis 

Are you in need of “wining” down? Then look no further! I give you the Damhuis.

The Damhuis Restaurant is housed in one of the oldest buildings in the Western Cape. From the moment you step into this South African National Monument, you are greeted by the warmest, dedicated and most passionate people, making you feel right at home. You will leave wanting more!

I had the pleasure of meeting Chef Hein Botha – I have yet to come across a more friendly chef. Quoting Managing Director / Executive Chef Stefàn Meintjies: “we live for good food and big smiles!” And big smiles they are…

When asked the next couple of questions, Chef Hein comfortably answered as follows:

  • What inspired you to become a chef? My grandmother was crazy about food. I used to watch her cook and ask questions about anything and everything. I couldn’t believe how she could take a raw ingredient and create something so amazing, and the happiness that followed as we enjoyed the meal together.
  • Who inspires you, and do you regard as one of our top South African chefs today? I would have to say Chef Trevor Boyd, known as The Food Olympian. I trained under him and what I know today is because of him. I have the utmost respect for him and will be forever grateful for what he has taught me.
  • On your menu, which would you say is your signature dish? I can with confidence say our Pork Belly! There is this old couple returning weekly all the way from Darling to enjoy this dish. And then I also have to add the Curried Afval – again we have another returning couple all the way from Langebaan! Our currie sauce is made out a whopping 30 ingredients which is only known to me and Chef Stefàn! 
  • For my very first Blog on #WineDownWednesday, give me your 3-course menu… STARTER: Mussels in White Wine. This course will be paired with the beautiful Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc. MAINS: Pork Belly, served with Oven-Fried Potato Wedges and Vegetables. This I will pair with the spicy/fruit-sweet Pinotage from Beyerskloof. DESSERT: Chocolate Torte, served with ice cream and Van der Hum liqueur. Personally I would round this beautiful menu off with a glass of bubbly, Laborie MCC Brut.

At Die Damhuis staff are like family and they believe happy staff creates happy dishes, delivers happy service which leaves their customers happy and satisfied. 

Die Damhuis offers a diverse menu which has been specially designed to offer a wide selection of delicious cuisine. They cater for all tastes and likes, including vegetarians and kiddies. Only the freshest ingredients are used and most of their herbs are homegrown.

Here are some stolen moments in the friendliest kitchen…

This lovely soup was specially made on request for the elderly couple cause they were so cold

Plating… Chef Hein is all about attention to detail
Mince on Toast R64
Could this be the start to that delectable Chocolate Torte??

And now… if you are a cake lover, please ask your waiter to show you their daily selection of heavenly sweetness.

I give you the Damhuis’ secret ingredients… 

At the heart of it all, Chef Stefàn Meintjies & Chef Hein Botha.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, make the right decision and spend a relaxing evening with your family at Die Damhuis, wining down and enjoying a memorable dining experience.

Contact Die Damhuis to reserve your table on 021 553 0093

Also follow them on Facebook and Instagram to make sure you are always on top of their special offers.